Synergy's revolving arrow symbolizes the moving wheel of freight moving in a progressive direction, and consists of 12 offset arrows rotting around a fixed point in a clockwise direction.
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Why Choose Synergy?

If you are considering Synergy to move your freight, there are a few things you should know:

  1. Synergy Motorized has after hours communication channels available to our customers in the event of urgent or emergency matters.

  2. Synergy boasts some of the best rates in the industry for all types of wheeled freight.

  3. Synergy is able to incorporate special instructions into our transport and delivery methods to ensure that your needs are met with every delivery.

  4. Synergy has one of the best "on time" delivery reputations in the industry.

  5. In the unlikely event of damage to your freight, the claims process is quick, sometimes taking less than a business day to resolve. 

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