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TOW VEHICLE requirements

Synergy RV Transport is dedicated to each towable driver being able to run successfully and within the bounds of federal regulation. As such, we have the following vehicle requirements and recommendations for trucks leased on to Synergy RV Transport, Inc.

variety of tow cars

vehicle presentable and in fair condition

There is no doubt that a tow car can take a bit of a beating on the road, so it is important to start with one that is structurally sound. The vehicle should be towable with all four wheels on the ground without major modifications to the transmission....tow dollies are allowable but not recommended.

scale ticket

vehicle Should weigh less than 3,500 pounds

For regulatory and safety reasons, the tow car should weigh less than 3,500 pounds when fully fueled and loaded (but without the driver in it). Scale ticket supporting this is required.

Auto Insurance

Vehicle must be insured and Registered

Before tow vehicle is authorized for use, it must be insured with standard automotive liability insurance and this insurance must be kept active for the entire time the tow vehicle is in use. License plates must be kept current.

DOT Approved Flares and Triangles

Flares or Triangles

FMCSRs require that you have three DOT approved triangle warning devices or 6 DOT approved road flares. We recommend triangles.....if you decide to fly home instead of tow on a very long trip, the flares will cause you major hassle.

magnetic tow light

Tow lights

The tow car must have functioning lights. You can either have magnetics for you can have your car wired with a trailer plug on the front.

Properly atttached baseplate

Approprite and properly installed base plate

A base plate of appropriate size and design properly mounted to the frame of the vehicle is essential to the safe towing of a tow vehicle.

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