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Orientation Process

Synergy RV Transport is dedicated to ensuring that all members of its contractor driver family are well-educated in safe driving, compliance, and procedural matters. Our orientation process is designed to be certain that all drivers are prepared for what they may meet on the road.


Filling out an application

Application Process

The process to leasing on starts with an application. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has very strict regulations on what must be in an application, so it is a bit long, but it is imperative that the application is completely and accurately filled out. Once your application is submitted, recruiting will review your application and, call you with further questions and details. If your are invited to sign-on and accept, you will be given further instructions, including an orientation appointment.

call us to schedule orientation


After being invited to a specific orientation, you should begin preparing for it. Make sure that you have all required documents and that your vehicle (if you have a truck to pull trailers or a tow car to pull behind a motorized load) meets minimum standards. Fill out any further paperwork that Safety or Recruiting requires of you. Be certain to bring these items to orientation.

drug screening is just part of the first day of orientation

Orientation Day 1

Day one of orientation is very busy. The morning consists of drug screening, equipment inspections, and pre-hire paperwork. Classroom training begins mid morning and covers Defensive Driving, Company Policies, The Federal Whistle Blower Program, Health and Wellness, Controlled Substance Training, and Accident/Damage Procedures, and CSA (The Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Act of 2010). Typically class runs until 5pm or so.

day 2 of classroom

Orientation Day 2

Day two begins at 8am with training in Hours of Service and Dispatch Procedures. Operatioal Skills Assessments (hook up tests, driving tests, and road tests) begin in the afternoon. Our goal is to get you off and running on the afternoon of day two, and most of the time this occurs if  you show up prepared with what you need to bring.

our doors are open to our drivers.

After Orientation

After orientation, we don't just hang you out to dry! Continuous training is available in any aspect of driving by our excellent and experienced safety staff for a driver any time during his contract with Synergy! Our doors are open to you!

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