Synergy's revolving arrow symbolizes the moving wheel of freight moving in a progressive direction, and consists of 12 offset arrows rotting around a fixed point in a clockwise direction. Synergy RV Transport inc. We can accomplish more...together!

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Driver requirements

Synergy RV Transport is dedicated to each  driver being able to run successfully and within the bounds of federal regulation. As such, we have the following requirements for drivers contracting with Synergy RV Transport, Inc.

DOT Physcal and Medical Certificate

Current and Complete DOT Physical

Physical must be done by a doctor on the DOT's federal certification list, and Synergy will need a copy of the Medical Certificate.

Driver's License

A Valid For-Hire License (If Your State Offers one)

A Valid CDL Class A, CDL Class B, or CDL Class C works. Non CDL drivers will need to have a for hire license from the state they live in if their state offers one. Learn more about that here. If your state does not offer a "For-Hire" license or endorsement, a regular operator's license will suffice.

Social Security Card

Social Security Card  

If you are a U.S. Citizen, you must present a copy of your Social Security Card or proof of your Social Security Number. If you are a Canadian citizen, then this is not required.
Driving Experience

Driving experience

Synergy drivers have some demonstratable experience, either driving commercially, driving large vehicles, or combination of the two.

Good Driving Record

Good Driving Record

Synergy is dedicated to hiring only the best applicants. Too many accidents, incidents, or moving violations will disqualify you from consideration to contract with us.


No DWIs, OWIs, DUI,s or OUIs in past decade

 A successful Synergy Contract Driver applicant will not have any convictions for anything invoving the operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs within the past 10 years.

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